The Future of ETF Investing is Here

Introducing the revolutionary AI-powered app finds new ETF opportunities based on fund flow data, automates your due diligence, and accelerates trade execution down to mere seconds.

1-Click Action

Advisors can now be taken from promotional emails, articles, ads and webinars to the trading platform of their choice in ONE CLICK.

Faster Investing

Reduce the clutter and complexity of investment choices, making it simpler, faster and easier to get into ETF — the moment you’re ready.

Data Insights

Accumulate critical data (never before available to financial professionals) for follow-up, relationship enhancement, and AUM expansion.

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By joining our waiting list, you will secure one full year of access to 1-ClickTrade, for FREE. Here’s just a few of the groundbreaking features included in your complimentary app (available in June) and corresponding membership.

AI-based real-time
data feed

Establish a personalized real-time data feed that scans the entire metaverse and captures fund flow information across a wide range of ETFs and other financial instruments. Based on deep AI analysis and custom algorithms, the system will analyze incoming data to identify significant trends or unusual activity in fund flows that might signify trading opportunities.


ETF alerts

Based on specific ETFs, sectors, or criteria you are interested in — you can direct the app to provide timely, notification-based alerts that match your desired parameters for inflow/outflow volumes, specific asset classes, geography, market disparities, price fluctuations, and much more. AI-based filter to eliminate market manipulated funds.


Rapid trade

Once you have a highly curated real-time feed and timely notifications, the most important thing is being able to quickly act upon the information.
The 1-ClickTrade app will then allow you to quickly move from alert to investment in a matter of seconds, working just as seamlessly as it does on the front-end.


This is only the beginning. There are many more features planned that you will have access to in your complimentary first year of app/platform access — but ONLY when you join the waiting list.

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About Us

The executive team behind 1-ClickTrade has spent decades working with leading financial advisors and partners, including industry titans like BlackRock, AssetMark, Orion, Fidelity, and many others. We have a keen understanding of advisor’s needs and how to help them enhance client relationships and grow their AUM.

1-ClickTrade is an innovation born from our seeing how much advisors are inundated with ETF marketing, yet no easy or streamlined way to invest on behalf of their clients.

So we partnered with a world-class team of fintech engineers to create something that had never been done before: the ability to move from communication about an ETF to the trade screen, in ONE CLICK.

Now, after significant development, 1-ClickTrade is pre-launching to select advisor partners who want to be FIRST to utilize this groundbreaking technology, optimize their ETF investing, and give themselves an unfair advantage in this fast-growing market.

On behalf of the entire 1-ClickTrade team, we look forward to working with you.