The Future of ETF Investing is Here

Introducing the revolutionary AI-powered app finds new ETF opportunities based on fund flow data, automates your due diligence, and accelerates trade execution down to mere seconds.

1-Click Action

Advisors can now be taken from promotional emails, articles, ads and webinars to the trading platform of their choice in ONE CLICK.

Eliminate Trading Friction

Eliminate friction in your ETF investing process and shorten time getting into a trade — from minutes to seconds. Maximize trade velocity for better performance.

Your Own Platform

Seamlessly integrate into your existing trading platform. Simply install the extension and supercharge your existing workflow.

Gain Lightning-Fast Trade Execution and Exclusive Fund Flow Data

Powered by 1-ClickTrade, brings you a seamless experience where trades are executed swiftly from any digital asset, leveraging proprietary data that's inaccessible elsewhere, ensuring you stay ahead in the market with every click.

Next Level Data & Insights

Accelerate due diligence by freely accessing advanced data that normally costs $20,000 annually. Also, as the platform grows, see anonymized ETF activity data from other advisors and investors, in real-time.


All-in-One Digital Dashboard

Currently, 1-ClickTrade users will be able to access a wide range of highly prized ETF data points to enhance their decision-making — in one dashboard. Over time, this dashboard will feature real-time investment activity, fund flow data, and more.


Be On The

By creating your 1-ClickTrade account now, you’ll place yourself firmly on the cutting-edge of ETF investing. Early adopters of this patent-pending technology will gain an advantage as the data, integrations and activity grow rapidly in the coming months.


This is only the beginning. There are many more features planned that you will have access to in your complimentary first year of app/platform access — but ONLY when you join the waiting list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about 1-ClickTrade, from features and pricing to integration and support:


Market Opportunities at a Whole New Level

1-ClickTrade will change how we approach cyclical allocation changes. Seeing what the real world is buying and how much is a game changer. Plus, the platform's advanced technology and extensive reach will help us find market opportunities at a whole new level. The availability of this previously hidden data will give us a huge leg up against our competition.

By : Gabriel Pincus, GA Pincus Funds


I love the magic button, it now appears everywhere on the web for me. It’s been a huge difference maker for me in the way I research ETFs and act on new opportunities. 1-ClickTrade has truly changed this space forever.

By : Wally Nissen

About Us

The executive team behind 1-ClickTrade has spent decades working with leading financial advisors and partners, including industry titans like BlackRock, AssetMark, Orion, Fidelity, and many others. We have a keen understanding of advisor’s needs and how to help them enhance client relationships and grow their AUM.

1-ClickTrade is an innovation born from our seeing how much advisors are inundated with ETF marketing, yet no easy or streamlined way to invest on behalf of their clients.

So we partnered with a world-class team of fintech engineers to create something that had never been done before: the ability to move from communication about an ETF to the trade screen, in ONE CLICK.

Now, after significant development, 1-ClickTrade is pre-launching to select advisor partners who want to be FIRST to utilize this groundbreaking technology, optimize their ETF investing, and give themselves an unfair advantage in this fast-growing market.

On behalf of the entire 1-ClickTrade team, we look forward to working with you.